Get ready for skiing

Let’s get ready for skiing together! Here on you will find tips on how to get fit for skiing as well as how to get back to skiing after an injury. You can even get specific ski workout videos if you just want to follow a done-for-you program that you can train along to. to take the guess work out of your conditioning.

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Here is a little appetizer I made for you to get you excited to go skiing.

Get ready for skiing NB!  Don’t ski off piste without having checked snow conditions with professionals and without the proper skills and safety equipment

Skiing Injuries

Strong skier is also about helping you return to skiing after an injury. As you will see from the comments on these pages my programs have helped lots of people get back on the snow, stronger than ever.
Skiing after an injury can be scary but with the proper training you can come back to skiing after most of the common skiing injuries. Often it is just a question of specific training to be fit for skiing.  Read all about how to get ready for skiing after an injury here

You will find sections on:

Knee Pain

ACL Injury

Back Pain and Skiing


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