Skiing and dehydration

“Get hydrated and have blast” while you save the planet!  That’s the message from Squaw Valley ski resort and their Mountain Tap program. Skiing and dehydration is just as bad a cocktail as plastic bottles in the ocean and in the video below you can see Jeremy Jones share their solution.

While reminding you about the importance of staying hydrated while you are out there riding the mountains, I will take advantage of this opportunity to share this great initiative to help us reduce the billions of plastic water bottles that end up in the oceans and dumps around the world. I will even go further and advocate that it is fair to ask of any mountain resort that they provide clean tap water. After all, we don’t get much closer to the source!

And for you, the skier, remember to fill up with water regularly. Being dehydrated will cause anything from head aches and dizziness to passing out. This is true at all ages!


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