Skiing and Skin Care

4 tips to best protect your skin when skiing

Do you think about how to protect your skin when skiing?

Most people today know that they should protect themselves when out in the sun. I am not here to tell you to stay away from the sun at all costs or demonise it. We all need the sun for energy, good mood, vitamine D etc.

But too much of a good thing…

When skiing we are exposed to the sun whether it is cloudy, snowy or
actually sunny. The sun rays reflect in the white snow, multiplying the effects. -Not quite as much in the yellow snow. but stay away from the yellow snow anyways 😉

Anyways, we need good sun protection when out in the snow. However, the sun is not the only factor playing with our skin when skiing.

Cold wether, wind, bright light and the dry air of altitude all tear on our natural skin protectors such as moisture and elasticity.

Here are 4 tips that I got from a dermatologist on how best to protect
your skin when skiing. And remember, skin care is not only for women.
Sun, snow, dry cold air all have irreparable effects on men as well as

So take your time and read these tips. It is not like training or stretching – after reading the work is pretty much done.

Considering all the other things we need to do to prepare for skiing,
these tips are really, really simple to follow.

Preparing your skin for skiing is probably the easiest of all my Strong Skier tips:

1. Sun screen is a must when skiing EVERY day!You know this. This prevents early signs of aging such as loss of skin elasticity, skin irritation, sun burns, change sin pigmentation that in the worst case may lead to skin cancer.

2.Don’t use your regular day cream in the morning before skiing. In stead, chose a cream with high fat percentage ( – yeah, for once we can for the high fat and it is actually good for us!). This cream should not have water in it because the water might freeze. And for the environment – no parabenes. This kind of skin care is often sold as a climate cream. It will serve as a protective cover that lets the skin keep its natural moisture and prevent frost damage and visible blood vessels.

3. No Perfumes when skiing! The creams that we use when skiing should contain no perfumes, just like we shouldn’t put perfume on any bare part of the skin before skiing. Perfumes can cause changes in pigmentation.

4. After skiing. After skiing care goes beyond the beer in the bar. After a day of skiing your skin is thirsty too. Using a good after sun lotion with a repairing effect; even on the cloudy days will help nourish our skin and prevent it from dehydrating completely.

I wish I would have known this decades ago. And acted upon it, that is. As for all the tips on this website, results require taking action…

Enjoy skiing and enjoy coming home with a fresh, healthy face rather
than all dried up. And enjoy the sun and the snow with the right care
and protection.

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