Strength training for skiing

Okay, so you have decided that this year you want to get fit for skiing. You just don’t want to have your first ski days ruined (again) by not being physically ready! – So when to do your strength training for skiing?
strength training for skiing

Step number 1 is to find a ski training program that you can easily stick to. Be realistic about the time you have available, the facilities you have easy access to and your current fitness level.

Consistency beats session length or even difficulty anytime, so make sure your plan is doable and convenient! Consistently doing a simple 30-minute skiing specific program will give you great results whereas having the best intentions of an ambitious world cup prep program won’t get you help you much if you cannot keep it up.

Go for best option
So think about how best to fit your strength training for skiing into your weekly schedule. Do you have a gym right next to work for example, then going before work might be your best option. If you are not a morning person, it might the direct way to failure to make such a plan.

Get started in time
You can improve your balance with just weeks of training. However when it comes to improving your ski specific strength, rather count two months of proper strength training for skiing.

Better late than never
If you didn’t get started in time, it is not the same as to say, that you might as well just forget about it. A little training is better than no training at all and you can always improve your body’s reactivity and readiness for skiing. Just don’t start the week before and then work out like crazy, risking a muscle strain – or worse – just before leaving on your ski trip.
If you want a program that has helped hundreds of skiers get fit to hit the slopes – check out my two-step ski workout progressions

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