Don't let sore muscles and early fatigue ruin your ski trip!

Get these bite size at-home workouts designed to help you
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for skiing
 In as little as 2 x 30 minutes a week you will
- become a better skier (before you even put on the skis)
- strengthen your muscles and stabilize your joints to reduce the risk of ski injuries
- improve your balance and reflexes
- get stronger to take full advantage of your time on snow!
These ski workout videos have helped hundreds of skiers get fit for skiing 
"I have participated in many ski fitness programs over the years with good trainers.  However your video focuses much more on exercises that are directly related to skiing and ski balance.  I also appreciate the fact that you have made two progressions and included a warm up routine as well.”  Hans Maquardsen.

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Hi, I'm Anja!
As 2-time Olympian and conditioning coach for world class athletes, I know that sometimes you just need a quick and efficient solution to get fit. 
You have a ski trip coming up and you just want to feel great and not worry about soreness or feeling weak. So I've made this done-for-you program ski workout video program.. It has now helped hundreds of people just like you get fitter and stronger to enjoy skiing to the fullest. 
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What other users of the video have said about the workouts
”Dear Anja, I really enjoy your ski fitness program. I bought it because I wanted to improve my endurance and hopefully my form, especially while skiing bumps. I like the fact that it requires little space and equipment and all exercises are easy to follow. It seemed to have improved my balance, quickness and endurance while skiing. I wasn’t getting any more knee pain or back pain and my legs were a lot less sore after my first day of skiing. My husband started doing this program last year also and it really helped him with his back problems in general but also helped him hold up longer while skiing. I just had a baby 3 months ago and started doing this program again to hopefully help me get in decent shape in time for skiing season ! Sincerely 
Kerstin Marincic, Wyoming USA
“The program requires minimum amount of equipment, which is very affordable. Exercise is very concise, and not too long, but effective. I bought it to be more efficient in movement as I get older and it has built up more muscles. The side sliding exercise did save me not to fall much better than before!”
Masako Masuda, Los Angeles
“I find the program very effective, and it felt like you wrote it for me. Thank you so much for all your help. Despite the reconstructed ACL, I enjoyed the strongest ski legs ever!”
Andrea Dragomirescu,40 yrs, Romania 
“I bought this program to improve my skiing skills. Living in the South US, we never get to ski on a regular basis. We take 1-2 ski vacations per year, so we ski 4-5 days in a row and get very sore, and never really improve our skills. I did the program at least 2 x a week for about 4 months before our vacation last year. I felt my core had dramatically strengthened and it made a huge difference in how sore I was, especially in my quads. I was able to keep up with the boys and they even noticed how much faster and more confident I was. I would definitely recommend the program, it is not time consuming and I was able to add it to my regular workout routine. It does not use a lot of equipment and anyone can do it.”
Erica Moore, South USA

If you came to this page directly – Hi, I’m Anja. Your trainer in this program.

Skiing is my passion and has been for most of my life.  I love everything about it – well almost everything….

I love the thrills, the fresh air, the beautiful views, the sensations of weightlessness in the powder, the action in the moguls and even just cruising around in good company.

I don’t like the injuries though, and I hate it if I feel tired when I want to ski more. It sucks when the conditions are exceptional and you don’t have anymore power left in your legs!

If you are anything like me, you probably know exactly what I am talking about.

This is when your body tells you it is tired and you start letting the skis control you in stead of the other way around… This is when you are at a much greater risk of injury…

I like working out too, but I work out to be able to do the sports that I like.  I know that in order to really have fun skiing and not be in pain – I have to be physically prepared.

I recommend doing these 30 minute sessions a 2-4 times a week.
Your goal might not be to do the 5-hour hike up to this summit as I had to for filming this video but I promise you, you will find it useful and you will feel stronger and more confident skiing.
You can get instant access to my downloadable complete program of ski training videos so you can start getting fit for skiing TODAY!  Just click the orange button and you will be taken to the order page.
”The videos made a big difference to my skiing and I’m pleased to say that as a result, the knee pain due to me not being fit enough wasn’t a problem anymore. On a sideline the videos are brilliant to stop the bum heading south, if you know what I mean :-) 
AL, England, 40 yrs
“As an older person, lets say above 50 (lol), my balance had deteriorated over time and I needed some exercises to help in that area.  I truly believe this program helped to improve my balance and strength thus I felt better over my ski’s then I had for some time.”
Jerry Edwards

Do you know what it takes to be fit for skiing…?

Being physically prepared for skiing is NOT about running for hours and it is NOT about lifting weights in machines. In fact that might actually do more harm than good in some cases. While the machines will help strengthen specific muscles, it will not teach them to react in a skiing specific pattern nor will it involve the element of balance that is always involved in skiing.

You don’t have to know because I have taken care of it for you and created a complete ski fitness program for you…

With this program you don’t have to read a lot of theory. In fact you don’t have to read at all.  You press play and you do the workouts along with me on the screen.

I have pushed myself pretty hard out there sometimes. I used to ski on the world cup circuit in moguls for ten years and I have competed in two Olympic finals. Through my career I have had my share of injuries. Some of which could have been avoided if I had known then, what I know today about physical preparation, muscle imbalances and biomechanics. I have learnt a lot along the way and I ended up writing my thesis at university on the mechanics of the knee and making physical preparation my profession.
Hans Marqvardsen, DENMARK
Charlotte Baekkel, FRANCE
I bought your videos two weeks ago and I’m truly very excited about it. I am a member of a ski club and as such I have participated in many ski fitness programs over the years with good trainers.  However your video focuses much more on exercises that are directly related to skiing and ski balance.  I also appreciate the fact that you have made two progressions and included a warm up routine as well.
Great workouts! I do 4 workouts a week and I actually have fun doing this at home. They are short and to the point – and as a great bonus I see my thighs and butt getting tighter and more toned. I lost 6 kilos in two months!
These ski workout videos have helped hundreds of people get fit for skiing and chances are good they can help you too. In fact, if I promise you that if you buy and get disappointed, just let me know why and I will give you a full refund.
If you are ready to give it a shot just click the button here.

I have become fascinated with just how much you can help yourself with the right kind of physical preparation.

I can’t really help you with cold feet, but I have learnt quite a bit about training and injury prevention over the years that I CAN help you with.

That’s why I have created a program that gets you fit for skiing the time efficient way!

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What you get…

I have handpicked the best skiing exercises and put into this complete ski workout program.

You get 2 progressions so you will stay challenged and can work your way up to a great fitness level progressively. Each progression consists of 2 different 30 minute full body workouts that you can do alternately. The videos will take you through the whole workout along with me.

This way everything is taken care of and you just have to work out along with me on the screen.

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