Back strengthening exercises for skiing

back strengthening exercises for skiingI am a passionate skier – just like you probably are. And I know all about the frustrations of suffering from back pain when skiing. More than once I have been held off the slopes due to severe back pain. The first time it happened, I had just won my first ever world cup in moguls skiing. I herniated a disc in training, basically from improper conditioning. In fact, I had developed muscular imbalances due to a lack of back strengthening exercises for skiing and I paid the price just as I was about to peak in my sport.

That was really the beginning of what made me want to develop my knowledge and understanding of biomechanics and what to do to get back to skiing after a back injury. Because I just wasn’t ready to accept that I would never be skiing again.

I went to see the best specialist and trainers in different parts of the world. I was also studying engineering at the time, so the mechanics made good sense to me. And I found the fact that body adapts to what we ask of it – and that it is NOT just a machine.  That meant that there was hope that I could get this body back to skiing pain free again.

This is exactly what happened. With the right training, I managed to strengthen and activate the right muscles, and release the hyperactive, compensating muscles that were causing imbalances and pulling me out of “alignment.”

I have shared some of the most efficient, yet simple exerises in this video program to make it easy for you to do proper strength training for skiing on your own.

Do these 30 minutes sessions at least twice a week and you will

  • strengthen you core to support you back
  • strengthen your hips to relieve stress on your back
  • improve your balance and reaction
  • rediscover the pleasure of skiing!
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Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to:

  • feel stronger and more in control when skiing
  • prevent soreness and having to miss out on some of your ski time
  • better balance
  • reduce occurrence of back pain
  • dramatically reduce the risk of ending your ski day with an injury!
Here is what some of the users of the program have to say about it…

Dear Anja,

I really enjoy your ski fitness program. I bought it because I wanted to improve my endurance and hopefully my form, especially while skiing bumps. I like the fact that it requires little space and equipment and all exercises are easy to follow. It seemed to have improved my balance, quickness and endurance while skiing. I wasn’t getting any more knee pain or back pain and my legs were a lot less sore after my first day of skiing. My husband started doing this program last year also and it really helped him with his back problems in general but also helped him hold up longer while skiing. I just had a baby 3 months ago and started doing this program again to hopefully help me get in decent shape in time for skiing season ! Sincerely,

Kerstin Marincic, Wyoming USA

Ski Training Photos From Videos

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Preview of the videos:

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