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Have Pain When Skiing?

Do you struggle with back or knee pain when you are skiing and wonder if there is anything you can do about it? Or maybe you have had an injury and skiing just hasn’t been the same since – if you have skied at all. Look in this section to find answers to some of your questions or doubts.

Want To Feel Stronger And Ski Better?

If you are looking for tips and tricks on how, what, where, when and why to train for skiing…- Or you want to learn more about the physical demands of skiing – then check out this section.
It will help you understand the different aspects of ski exercise and why it is important to do it right to get all the benefits.

Want To Work With Anja In Person?

Besides being the founder and face of Strong Skier, Anja works with personal training clients and athletes, comes along on networking trips, organizes her own camps and retreats and contributes to magazines, newspapers and sometimes TV-shows as a skiing and training expert. Does this sound like something you or your organization could be interested in?



A good ski exercise program will work both strength and balance. If you are very strong but have a poor balance, the balance will be your limiting factor and vice versa. It simply doesn’t help you much to have real strong legs if your balance is left untrained. Good balance is…


In most sports the physical effort lies in generating the force that is going to take you faster or higher, make you kick, throw or hit harder etc.   The unique thing about skiing is that it is mostly about resisting external forces acting upon you, so you can stay balanced and in control.


Doing the right stretches and foam rolling is definitely worth it to get rid of soft tissue adhesions and allow your muscles to work more freely.

You can get my cheat sheet with stretches and rolling for skiing here