The most common challenges skiers face are sore knees or getting back to skiing after an injury.

I know that experience intimately, as I’ve had ACL reconstructions and meniscus tears on both of my knees. I have also herniated the discs in my lower back and suffered several other severe injuries.  -You can read my ski story here if you care 🙂

As a two-time Olympic moguls skier, competitive freerider, conditioning coach for world-class athletes, and life-long passionate skier, I have made my way back to the slopes after injury countless times. Below you can get some tips to how you too can possibly you make it back to pain free skiing after injury.


Did you have an ACL injury and are you wondering whether you can go skiing again?
Skiing after ACL injury is far from impossible. With the right training and treatment you can get back to enjoy skiing again in – by far – the most cases.
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Knee Pain Skiing

The most common problems concerning knee pain and skiing. This might help you understand your pain…
knee pain skiing

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Back Pain And Skiing

The best way to fight back pain skiing is to train your back muscles – but also your hips and core muscles.
back pain and skiing
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Much has been written about skiing injuries and the potential hazards of this fantastic sport. Less about skiing after an injury. I want to give you hope that you can get back to skiing after an injury – just like I have, and the many other skiers I have either competed or worked with.

It is incredible what you can achieve with the right training. Even if you experienced major set backs or adversity, you will be surprised at how your body can heal and come back to skiing after an injury if you help it.

If you would like to ski again after an injury, keep your spirit up and start training. But your training will have to be more targeted and specific than going for a run or taking a tour in the fitness machines if you want to feel the results when skiing.

For more tips on ski specific fitness training here is an article on the when and where of ski fitness for you to start with.

The idea of Strong Skier is to help you with advice on the right kind of training for skiing, so that you

  • Can make the most of you time skiing
  • Become a better and stronger skier
  • Reduce the risk of ski injuries

You can surf around on this site if you want more tips that concern your personal situation, or you want to read more about knee and back problems as they relate to skiing. You can also find inspiration to start a training program that will help you get back to skiing after an injury. Or simply click the SHOP button to see which programs I have already put together for you.

”Dear Anja, I really enjoy your ski fitness program. I bought it because I wanted to improve my endurance and hopefully my form, especially while skiing bumps. I like the fact that it requires little space and equipment and all exercises are easy to follow. It seemed to have improved my balance, quickness and endurance while skiing. I wasn’t getting any more knee pain or back pain and my legs were a lot less sore after my first day of skiing. My husband started doing this program last year also and it really helped him with his back problems in general but also helped him hold up longer while skiing. I just had a baby 3 months ago and started doing this program again to hopefully help me get in decent shape in time for skiing season !”

Kerstin Marincic

Wyoming USA


A good ski exercise program will work both strength and balance. If you are very strong but have a poor balance, the balance will be your limiting factor and vice versa. It simply doesn’t help you much to have real strong legs if your balance is left untrained. Good balance is…


In most sports the physical effort lies in generating the force that is going to take you faster or higher, make you kick, throw or hit harder etc.   The unique thing about skiing is that it is mostly about resisting external forces acting upon you, so you can stay balanced and in control.


Doing the right stretches and foam rolling is definitely worth it to get rid of soft tissue adhesions and allow your muscles to work more freely.

You can get my cheat sheet with stretches and rolling for skiing here

The smart way

Want a simple solution? Pick a program from the different ski fitness videos I have made to help people like you enjoy skiing with less pain and more confidence. All exercises are shown and explained for you to train worry free.