Trampoline training for skiing


Improve your cardio-vascular condition, your balance, reaction time and coordination for skiing – all while boosting you metabolism.

Besides this program is fun! You will be playing around in a systematic way that will make your interval training feel almost like skiing.

If you have access to a garden trampoline, have fun with this 3-step program. It is all about movement and coordination and does not demand any particular acrobatic skills.



Why not use your garden trampoline for ski training if you have one?

The TRAMPO-LEAN program is designed to improve your cardio-vascular condition, your balance, and your coordination and heart at the same time! Perfect combo for skiing and an excellent supplement to strength training.

If you have tried doing conventional interval training such as running or biking, you know how it can be difficult to push yourself hard enough. We tend to go back into a steady rhythm that we can maintain.

When you are on the trampoline you don’t have that problem. You’ll automatically get that high intensity – all while playing around. You will see your heart rate reach 150-160 bpm in no time without suffering the way you do in the more classical interval training disciplines. Because you are playing and focusing on the movements.

With the TRAMPO-LEAN program you will get videos of three progressions:

• Progression 1: A 28 minutes workout with very basic movements for the beginner

• Progression 2: A 31 minutes workout with very simple movements for the intermediate

• Progression 3: A 32 minutes workout with drill combos for the advanced

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