Ski Exercise

Ski exercise tips

This page is a guide to different articles that will help you understand ski exercise and why it is important to do it right to get all the benefits.
I suggest you start with one of these ones:

This one explains how your strength training can be done more efficiently:
Leg strength and ski balance

This one gives you some more general guidelines if you want see how you can fit your training in:
The When and Where of your ski fitness program

And here you can get a checklist with 6 simple tips to effective ski training so you can design your ski fitness routines:

The smart way

If you don’t care to read about all of this and just want to get started on a plan to get fit for skiing – the most direct way, I have made these SKI EXERCISE PROGRAMS that will help you get fit for skiing in as little as 2 x 30 minutes a week.

Training for pain prevention

Finally, if you are mainly concerned with preventing certain pains you have when you are skiing or you are returning to skiing after an injury, click here.

The forces involved in skiing

If you want to understand the mechanics of skiing and why that makes skiing so different from many other sports check outmy nerdy view on downhill skiing mechanics