Ski incentive with Anja

Networking – Theme day – Company ski incentive day

Ski clinics with 2-time Olympic Finalist and winner of a world cup in moguls skiing

Get new inspiration for your ski incentive!

How would like to add input from a world class skier to your ski trip?

Shared passion, new feedback and real stories to take your skiing to the next level?

-Take advantage of Anja’s experience as a world class athlete and coach to add an inspiring theme to your ski trip.

Anja is available to provide a 2-4 day experience for your members, including

  • A breakfast or after-ski talk on FEEDBACK – How to give and receive feedback constructively
  • Tips and tricks to take your skiing to the next level
  • Video feedback on your skiing
  • Plus an inspiring presentation on her unique story from Sea Level To Peak Performance

Anja uses the clear images and mechanics of skiing to illustrate her points. The experiences in the ski terrain are usually followed up by a presentation after skiing.
Anja adresses personal development terms, that you may already be working with, from a more physical perspective. This makes abstract terms more concrete and easier to relate to and it gives the group a common frame of reference and imagery based on a shared experience. Networking wise, the informal setting of such trips is a true ice-breaker.

I truly enjoy these trips! It’s a great occasion for people to network in an informal setting, disconnected from the daily hype. We can go where ever you want! :-)”

Anja also works with the themes of:

  • BOUNCE BACK – Stronger than ever. Set backs, obstacles, challenges, resistance – learn how to navigate?
  • LIMITATIONS – When do they work for you and when not?
  • BALANCE – Challenge equilibrium and learn the art of balance
  • FEAR -What’s happening and how do we move on
  • FLOW – Achieve More With Less


Anja Bolbjerg is an expert in skiing with a unique profile.Her accomplishments include:


  • MSC with thesis on the biomechanics of the knee
  • Certified Personal Trainer

Work History:

  • World cup and Olympic skier
  • Ski coach on the World Cup
  • Freelance ski fitness expert for magazines
  • Conditioning coach for world class athletes
  • Specialty in helping top athletes come back to their sport after injuries
  • Personal Trainer freelance and privately hired
  • Freelance skiing expert for TV and other media

Awards, Titles, and Designations:

  • 2x Olympic finalist
  • Winner of a world cup in moguls skiing
  • Was leading the world cup as the first and only ever Danish skier one month before the Nagano Olympics 1998. Then herniated a disc.
  • 25 top ten finishes on the world cup in moguls skiing
  • World top 10 rider on the Freeride World Tour for 2 years

Personal Info:

  • Felt on her own body the frustration of being limited by pains and severe injuries
  • Managed to come back to world class skiing despite some doctors’ advice to quit
  • Learned how you can change poor biomechanics through proper exercise
  • Helped hundreds of skiers get fit for skiing
  • Has had ski fitness articles published in magazines and newspapers every fall since 2006.
  • Returned to competitive skiing after 5 years off and was in the top 10 of the Freeride World Tour at the age of 40, thanks to her conditioning.
  • Has come back from an ACL reconstructive surgery on each knee 5 years apart.
  • Has come back after herniated discs.
  • Went from bottom of the field to top in five years
  • Did a ski inspired TEDx talk about How To Achieve More With Less
  • Loves dancing and outdoor sports.

Anja went from being the outsider from a country without skiing, mountains nor financial support to being a world class skier with two careers, one as a moguls skier and one on the Freeride World Tour.

And as you can see, skiing expert and coach Anja Bolbjerg is uniquely qualified to add inspiring content to your ski experience


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