Work with Anja

Skiing -Training - Expert Input

Go Skiing With Anja

Check out her Epic Moments Camp for experienced skiers.

If you are organizing a ski trip for your organization you can also hire Anja to come along and add some unique content.


Freelance Writing or Guest Appearance

Get Anja’s input. Anja has more than 20 years of media experience – first as a world class athlete and since as a regular freelance contributor in various forms: Writing for magazines and newspapers, co-hosted a mini-series with skiing tips for Danish TV, producing her own videos, co-authored a book, done a TEDx-talk, been Olympic commentator and expert, appeared on various shows, worked as Social Media Producer and Copywriter for the Freeride World Tour. Feel free to reach out.


A’s Athletes

Click here if you are a competitive athlete looking for Anja’s help with your training – or if you aren’t but you have what it takes to train as such 🙂