Skifitness Guidelines

-The When and Where of Your Ski Fitness Program

1. When to start a ski fitness program

Don’t worry if you didn’t get started in time. It is not the same as to say, that you might as well just forget about it. A little training is better than no training and you can always improve your body’s reactivity and readiness for skiing. Just don’t start the week before and then work out like crazy, risking a muscle strain or worse just before leaving on your ski trip.

How often?
Once you have decided that you want to start a ski fitness program, you want to make sure that you can stick with it and train on a regular basis. Consistency beats session volume any time, so it is better to opt for short efficient sessions, than long, tough ones that you will stop doing because you can never fit them in.

For how long?
You can improve your balance in a relatively short period of time. However when it comes to improving your ski specific strength, you should plan for at least two months of ski fitness prior to going skiing.

In order to be consistent you need to find out how best to fit your ski
fitness program into your weekly schedule. This includes where to do it. You see, convenience plays a big role when it comes to consistency.

2. Where to do your ski workouts

Home Training
If you are pressed for time or you don’t like going to the gym, you can practice at home. You can easily get in shape for skiing by doing your ski fitness training at home with a minimum of equipment. I have posted more specific ski exercise tips here

If you already workout in a fitness center or gym, you can of course also do your ski fitness routine there. There is plenty of relevant equipment that you can use, for example dumbells, swiss balls, medicine balls, cables and resistance bands.

When running
If you prefer to go out for a run, then you can incorporate some ski fitness exercises on your way. Running alone is not very ski specific and it will not prepare you efficiently for skiing.

On your run you can for example include

  • lateral jumps when you run down a hill
  • side skipping up a flight of stairs
  • a few sets of walking lunges
  • some core exercises.

Train-along skifitness videos
Finally of course you can use all, or some, of the exercises from the complete ski fitness program, I have made a program as train-along videos. You simply play the video on the device of your choice at home and you will be training your ski fitness along with me. The program has 2 progressions to get you in shape for skiing so you can choose according to your fitness level. All you need is a step and some Dumbells or soft weights.

There’s no reason why you should not be in shape for skiing this season. Just follow these simple guidelines for your ski fitness!

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