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Preview of my ski fitness video OWN THE SKI SLOPES!

I’ve been asked what’s deal with holding on to that handle on the cover of my  latest ski fitness video (Own The Ski Slopes This Season!)  And it’s true, I haven’t really talked about the fact that this is a new way of doing ski training that I came up with last year.  I’m actually quite proud of it because – all modesty apart –  it’s quite innovative and still super simple. And like my original program that has been selling for over 10 years, Fit Skiing, it has helped a lot of people get fit for skiing in...

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Does your fitness routine get you fit for skiing?

Have you ever wondered if your fitness routine actually gets you fit for skiing?   There are a lot of ski fitness routines to be found on the web – only are they really designed to get you fit for skiing? It seems that if a program has a squat and a plank in there it qualifies as ski fitness these days and yes it is better than doing nothing. But there is a little more to it than that if you want to ski better and stronger – have good stability, strength and balance and reduce your risk of...

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