Don’t worry if you didn’t get started in time. It is not the same as to say, that you might as well just forget about it. A little training is better than no training and you can always improve your body’s reactivity and readiness for skiing. Just don’t start the week before and then work out like crazy, risking a muscle strain or worse just before leaving on your ski trip.

How often?
Once you have decided that you want to start a ski fitness program, you want to make sure that you can stick with it and train on a regular basis. Consistency beats session volume any time, so it is better to opt for short efficient sessions, than long, tough ones that you will stop doing because you can never fit them in.

For how long?
You can improve your balance in a relatively short period of time. However when it comes to improving your ski specific strength, you should plan for at least two months of ski fitness prior to going skiing.

In order to be consistent you need to find out how best to fit your ski
fitness program into your weekly schedule. This includes where to do it. You see, convenience plays a big role when it comes to consistency.