Typical Skiing Mistakes

Typical Skiing Mistakes

Below you can read about some of the most typical mistakes that skiers do. These mistakes seem to pop up to some degree, no matter your ski level. It is just a matter of being challenged enough. For a beginner that might happen on the bunny run and for Olympic athletes it can happen when they go all out.

What do the examples below teach us about ski conditioning?  

When training specifically for skiing, we want to assimilate the ski movements. We do not only want to prepare for the perfect ski movements. In order to be ready to save a potential crash, we also need to prepare for the situations where things don’t go as planned and we get out of balance.

The smart way

Want a simple solution? Pick a program from the different ski fitness videos I have made. Following a specific ski training program will help you prepare your body to save more crashes and ski better.

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